The Easy Sell: The Gatsby Shoes

Get your Gatsby on.

Yes, the new Great Gatsby Collection from Brooks Brothers was inspired by the film (in theatres May 10)—but that’s only half the story. While conceiving costumes for Baz Luhrmann’s confetti-strewn 3-D take on the American classic, designer Catherine Martin cribbed directly from Brooks Brothers’ own archive. (F. Scott Fitzgerald himself was a vocal fan and frequent customer, after all.) So the collection of 1920s-era classic —pin-collar shirts, Ivy League bow ties and collegiate cardigans—was really inspired by an inspired take on Brooks Brothers itself. Can’t repeat the past? Of course you can.

The Great Gatsby Collection white buck wingtip, $598,



The Hard Sell

“Gatsby’s straw boater”
Love the bucks. But until we find three friends to sing harmony, we’ll pass on the straw hat.