Must-See Marketing of the week: Creep-tastic ads from Zipcar, DirecTV and Sennheiser

Creepy Rob Lowe is bad enough; Sennheiser’s seductive headphone is nauseating

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Other Items of note from Marketing:

Canadian Tire announced a partnership between its Sport Chek brand and Cineplex’s Scene loyalty program. Canadian Tire’s CMO Duncan Fulton explained the logic behind the deal:

“You’ve got 6 million [Scene] customers, the large majority of whom are under the age of 40 and 45, who are big in entertainment and lifestyle. That’s the exact wheelhouse for Sport Chek’s customer,” he said. “It’s a different, compelling value proposition,” he added. “If you look at retail today, everything is 10-20% off. No one gets out of bed for 20% off. Offering a free movie, tied to a pair of shoes for a three-day only promotion — that’s the kind of thing that gets people out of the house and into the store,” said Fulton.

There was, of course, a larger confluence of sports and marketing last week with the launch of the new NHL season. Marketing runs down how 9 brands celebrated the start of hockey season.

Finally, Sun Life is trying to bust the clichés of retirement advertising with a new campaign:

“It’s about empowering Canadians to retire their way. It’s really breaking that cliché financial institutions put out there about retirement — the happy couple walking on the beach, reggae music in the background,” he said. “We’re not knocking typical retirement dreams. We’re not knocking golf or sailing, but our polls show it’s a small percentage of people who actually do those things.”

Sun Life’s research with Ipsos, and data from other lifestyle companies, revealed facts about the activities Canadians really look forward to doing in retirement, which include philanthropy and spending time with family and friends. Only 2% of Canadians belong to a yacht club.

“Only 17% of Canadians actually golf,” said Ramsammy, quoting 2012 numbers from the National Allied Golf Association. “So what are the other 83% doing in retirement?”