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Celebrity creative director hits & misses

Polaroid & Lady Gaga?

Congratulations to Alicia Keys on landing the coveted gig of global creative director for BlackBerry. One thing BlackBerry could use some help with right now is promoting a “Waterloo State of Mind.” Of course, the smartphone maker is simply the latest in a long line of companies giving a set of business cards to celebrity ambassadors. While partnerships have proven bizarrely clever (word is brings some truly out-of-the-box thinking to the folks at Intel), others just seem bizarro. (What did Polaroid expect from Lady Gaga?) We checked the celebrity hires— the ones that made some business sense  and the ones who sailed wide into WTF.

Justin Timberlake

Creative Director, Callaway Golf (2011-present)

J.T.’s official duties include a “nice injection of kickassery”

Kate Moss

Designer, Topshop (2007-2010)

Topshop got 14 hit collections based on her personal wardrobe

Director of creative innovation, Intel (2011-present)

Intel considers him a general source of ideas and insights. He also consults with Coca-Cola and Anheuser-Busch InBev

Trent Reznor

Chief creative officer, Beats Electronics/Daisy (2013-present)

He’s working on a new music-streaming service for the headphones company

Rapper T.I.

Global creative consultant, Rémy Martin (June 2010-Oct. 2010)

Sadly, getting arrested on gun charges is a fireable offense

Alicia Keys

Global creative director, BlackBerry (2013-present)

The job: working closely with app developers and others to create original BB10 content

Lindsay Lohan

Designer, Ungaro (2009-2010)

Ungaro would like to forget her universally panned fashion line

Victoria Beckham

Creative design executive, Land Rover (2011-present)

Her “special edition” Evoque SUV was actually very nice

Rapper/Producer Swizz Beatz

Creative director, Reebok (2011-present)

Alicia Keys’s hubby designs über-hip limited-edition sneakers for the brand

Lady Gaga

Creative director, Polaroid (2010-present)

Polaroid sunglasses that take and display pictures? Sorry, pass

Takashi Murakami

Designer, Louis Vuitton (2003-present)

For LVMH, this prolific Tokyo artist blurs art and commercialism