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New Molson ad taps into Canadians’ global reputation

We know how to party.

Canadians are known around the world for a lot of things, among them hockey, comedy and the ability to successfully sport double denim. Then there’s our clichéd niceness, which some may read as “boring,” but this new commercial for Molson Canadian by Rethink says we’re anything but. Citing sources from South Africa, Berlin, Dublin and Australia, the ad—which had more than 320,000 views in its first 12 hours on YouTube—portrays us as epic party legends.

Aaron Starkman, partner and creative director at Rethink says the ad was inspired by the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival. But not by all the award-winning work from around the world on display there. “Whenever I introduce myself as a Canadian, I hear all these legendary stories about the Canadians who are partying it up there,” says Starkman. “It becomes pretty clear we have a great reputation around the world as a group of people who can really give’r.”

Well, from Bob and Doug to Wayne and Garth (c’mon they’re based on Canadians) to Terry and Deaner, we seem to have longheld that view of ourselves. But around the world? Starkman said he would hear the same thing from friends and co-workers who backpacked across the globe. “They all heard stories about fellow Canadians in other countries that really reinforced that reputation,” says Starkman. “It seems that nobody, well maybe the Dutch are up there, has our reputation for going all out and that’s the insight the spot is based on.”

The ad is familiar Canadian-brand territory in that it’s meant to pump up patriotic pride, but thankfully this time by avoiding the same old notes of nature and hockey. “The land is still in the brand’s DNA,” says Starkman. “However we’re evolving it a bit to include the people and passion and this ad is really about the people.”

People who are funnier than Klaus.