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How Not To Fire People in Social Media Age

Fired HMV worker blasts Twitterverse.

It’s no secret the brick-and-mortar CD and record store business isn’t exactly doing gangbusters business and British retail giant HMV is no exception. The company announced earlier this month it would be put into administration and trading of HMV stock was suspended on the London Stock Exchange. The move put the jobs of its 4, 350 employees at risk and dramatically increased the odds that lay-offs would hit sooner rather than later. Sooner turned out to be today, but someone in HMV management was clearly asleep at the social media wheel when they left the brand’s official Twitter account in the hands of an employee slated to get the axe.

The result? A hilarious half-hour of real-time revenge, as the employee proceeded to live tweet the lay-off proceedings, that had the Twitterverse in stitches and HMV execs likely in fits.


The employee later took to her personal Twitter feed to explain and elaborate on her actions over a series of 140-character entries. “Since my internship started, I worked tirelessly to educate the business of the importance of Social Media—not as a short-term commercial tool, but as a tool to build and strengthen the customer relationship and to gain invaluable real-time feedback from the consumers that have kept us going for over 91 years. While many colleagues understood and supported this, it was the more senior members of staff who never seemed to grasp its importance… I hoped that today’s actions would finally show them the true power and importance of Social Media, and I hope they’re finally listening.”

Oh pretty sure they are. Especially that marketing director who asked, “How do I shut down Twitter?”