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Conan O'Brien knows what you'll really use iPhone's Siri for

Late night host adds dose of everyday hilarity to the popular voice-activated feature.

Since the dawn of the Speak and Spell, people have been messing around with voice-activated technology to make it say ridiculous things. The popular Siri feature on the new iPhone 4S is no different. Sure, it can tell you about traffic and weather, text your friends and read out messages while you’re running, but there’s only so long you can wait before trying to take it to the next level.

First there was the Sh*t That Siri Says tumblr. Now Conan O’Brien has re-edited the new Siri commercial to include a few more realistic uses. While this could easily be headed for Hitler-meme-overkill territory, it’s early days so enjoy the spoofs while you still can.