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Alec Baldwin lights it up for New Era

'30 Rock' star sets fire to the ongoing Yankees-Red Sox rivalry ad campaign.

We already knew that rich people have nicer cars, bigger houses and better tax cuts (not to mention foosball and train rides in their living rooms, right?). But a special emergency number all to themselves?

Fictional socioeconomic issues aside, the New York Yankees start a three-game series in Boston tonight and, right on time, New Era released its latest rivalry spot starring NBC sitcom stars Alec Baldwin (30 Rock) and John Krasinski (The Office). The spots are directed by Bryan Buckley and written by Mike Schur (Parks & Recreation) and Charlie Grandy (The Office) with New York-based ad agency The Brooklyn Brothers.

I spoke with Brooklyn Bros. creative director Guy Barnett back in May. This new spot, especially its last line, really highlights his thoughts on Baldwin. “I’ve never seen acting quite the way he does it,” he said. “In this business you see how a lot of different actors work, and many have their things, whether improvising or whatever. But Alec stuck to the script every single time and every time he did a performance he’d add another layer and take it up a level, which was incredible to see.”

There’s one more regular season series between these two teams in late September, which means one more spot left in the campaign. Maybe an Odd Couple tribute?